The Values of Art

- Provides experience and practice in developing gross motor and large muscle skills
- Provides movements for hand and finger muscles that are developing toward
  properly holding and using a pencil

- Allows opportunities for making choices
- Helps children learn about the concepts of color, shape, size, and texture
- Enhances thinking skills as children translate ideas and experiences into art
- Allows children to practice problem solving and reasoning skills
- Strengthens each child’s imagination and creativity

- Provides pleasurable experiences for children
- Gives each child his first opportunity to put thoughts and emotions on paper
- Allows children to nonverbally express ideas, objects, experiences, and events
  that are emotionally significant
- Enhances children’s self-confidence
- Allows children to work together, take turns, and share materials
- Teaches responsibility for cleanup and return of materials

- Allows children to express their ideas about God
- Creates opportunities for children to express biblical truths
- Provides opportunities for teachers to use meaningful and appropriate
  conversation about God, Jesus, and the Bible
- Helps children experience a sense of awe regarding God’s world1

1. Thomas Sanders and Mary Ann Bradberry, Teaching Preschoolers: First Steps Toward Faith (Nashville: Childhood Ministry Publishing, 2002), 74.

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