The Values of Literacy

- Stimulates the development of eye muscles
- Develops eye-hand coordination
- Develops large and small muscles

- Helps children learn to think
- Aids in problem-solving
- Creates awareness of print and the relationship between the written and spoken word
- Encourages story writing
- Reinforces firsthand experiences and clarify ideas

- Helps children identify, understand, and respond to emotional situations
- Provides opportunities for preschoolers to be alone
- Helps develop an understanding of others
- Creates an avenue for talking about difficult and sensitive topics
- Helps children learn acceptable behavior
- Helps develop listening skills

- Increases awareness of the world God made
- Provides opportunities to see and touch the Bible
- Provides opportunities to hear Bible stories and see biblical pictures
- Helps develop an understanding of how to live and work with others
- Aids in the awareness of right and wrong

1. Thomas Sanders and Mary Ann Bradberry, Teaching Preschoolers: First Steps Toward Faith (Nashville: Childhood Ministry Publishing, 2002), 112.

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