The Values of Dramatic Play

- Develops muscles and eye-hand coordination
- Provides opportunities to use the five senses
- Allows preschoolers time to relax and release energy
- Helps preschoolers become aware of their physical bodies
- Practice skills like pouring and stirring

- Allows children to engage in problem solving and decision making
- Enriches the child’s verbal and nonverbal communication skills
- Helps children construct their own understanding of how the world works
- Lays a foundation for symbolic thinking

- Gives children opportunities to cooperate, take turns, and share roles
- Allows children to “try on” roles of people in their lives
- Enhances relationships with peers and develops skills in conflict resolution
- Develops the ability to express feelings appropriately
- Allows children to practice negotiation skills
- Promotes feelings of security with the use of familiar materials

- Provides opportunities for children to hear Bible phrases and conversation about
  Bible stories and Bible characters
- Allows children time to process, internalize and express biblical truths such as:
  “We can be kind to one another,” or “People at church work together.”
- Introduces biblical concepts such as, “God planned for families.”

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