Claims and Damaged Shipments

All merchandise has been thoroughly inspected and carefully packed before leaving the warehouse. Please examine your shipment carefully when it arrives.

When you receive a shipment from FedEx Ground and are signing the scanner for the delivery receipt, there is presently no way to indicate shortage or damage to your FedEx Ground shipment. 

When you receive a shipment from FedEx Freight or another common carrier and sign a delivery receipt, you are indicating by your signature that there is no shortage and no damage. If there is any problem whatsoever, it MUST be noted on the delivery receipt BEFORE signing!

If you received any damaged items in your shipment, please phone or email us immediately. After telling us the details of the damage, we’ll send a replacement and arrange for the pickup and return of the damaged items.

After 15 days, freight companies will no longer accept freight claims for “concealed damage” and will deny any and all liability for the damage. Concealed damage is damage to the contents of a package/box which is not evident from the appearance of the exterior of the package/box and does not become apparent until later when the contents are examined.

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